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How Social Media Profiles Give Your Business A Boost

By now, you probably know that you must establish a presence in social media platforms to promote your business. But are you simply using social media to jump on the trend? As a business owner, it pays to understand how much your social media profiles can influence your business. The different social media channels must not be used exclusively as a promotional tool. Read on to learn more about social media marketing and how it can help boost your business.

Expand Your Customer Base

If you already have a strong presence in the organic rankings, you must make sure that you also receive targeted traffic from social media. What is great about social media is that the users are already using the platforms. You simply have to tap them and lure them in toward your business page. One way to grow your followers is to look for relevant groups and participate in the conversations. You must also include social icons and sharing buttons on your website so online visitors can readily visit your social media profiles with a simple click.

Dominate The Search Listings

Have you tried entering a brand name in Google? If so, you may notice that the number 1 position is usually the official website followed by the social media profiles of the given brand. This is exactly what you want to appear when prospective customers search your business name on Google. You must claim your business name on all the social media profiles so they show up on the first page, giving your business a huge boost in brand recognition. It pays to learn that online consumers have a tendency of trusting businesses that have a strong presence in the organic rankings as well as in the top social media platforms. SEO Lafayette shows great use of online marketing Lafayette with their Facebook profile.

Extend Customer Service

Online customers usually prefer communicating with brands via social media. For this reason, many companies have started to use their social media profiles to extend customer service. Make it a point to respond to all kinds of feedback you receive, be it positive or negative. This shows that you care about your customers and that you are willing to settle any complaint they may have. Keep your response times to only a few minutes to earn the trust of your followers.

Build Social Signals

Have you seen posts that go viral on social media? It’s amazing how some posts manage to receive millions of hits within just a few hours. Although you can’t expect all your posts to become popular, be sure to take your time in optimizing your content and ensuring that your followers would find it valuable. Including images and videos can immensely boost your chances of amassing social signals. Not to mention, this can translate to more backlinks for your posts, which means better organic rankings.

By following these tips, you should be able to make the most out of your social media profiles. Remember to utilize the right platforms by figuring out where your target audience spends their time online. Soon enough, you should have a massive following across your social profiles, allowing you to enjoy increased traffic and sales.



Finding Creative Images for Web Design



When it comes to creating a beautiful website, unique and creative aesthetics are as important as ever. Not only to website owners who want their online property to look great but having an original logo and a unique display for your images is actually an important part of search engine optimization as seen with SEO Lafayette in today’s online world. In other words, there are multiple reasons that it pays to find creative images to use with web design.



Consider Photoshop & Other Special Editing Software

Obviously one of the best tools you can grab is some sort of special editing software. While Photoshop might be the gold standard, there are many other forms of photo editing software (many of which are free) that not only allow for changing or altering the photos in a way that can make them unique and interesting, you can also create hundreds of small banners, descriptive boxes, frames for the corners of the pictures, or all kinds of little designs that can be added onto a photograph to change up the appearance. Literally your only limits are your imagination.

Creative Web Design

Harness Fivver For Unique Design Specs

If coming up with a creative idea for web design is beginning to baffle you, you might want to try ordering a design or two off of Fivver and seeing what comes back. Give a general description, tell them to be creative, see if what comes back really gets your mind fired up or is even usable in and of itself.


Try Different On Page Setups

There is more than one way to display a photo on any given page of a website. You can try putting a bunch of thumbnails together that expand once they are clicked on. This can be similar to the way an iframe works, or you can work on searching tables or editing the features to alter the design, make some larger than others, and change the overall appearance of any pictures or images that you are using.

This can be a great way to really get a new and interesting look for some images otherwise to be pretty bland and hard to spice up.

Out Of Ideas? Try Design Crowd

If you have a general idea of what you want but just can’t seem to create an image that meets your needs, then you should consider Design Crowd. This is a website where you can put up a job, have multiple teams work on it for free, and then you pay the one that comes up with the most creative solution that is useful to you and your specific job.


Don’t Rely On One Picture Source

Finally, one of the best ways to spice up your choice of images even before you use the editing software is to make sure you’re not relying on one picture source. There are many different websites offering free, stock, and paid photos out there and limiting yourself to one or two really limits your options.

Look around and find multiple sources, and this will give you more material to work with when posting pictures or when creating images for any website project.

How To Work With Graphic Design For Web Based Content

Graphic design is something you should learn more about if you want to make sure websites you work on are looking good. You may need a logo, various buttons, and other images that you can make on your own when you build a website. Get familiar with how to work with graphic design processes now and they can benefit you every time you build or update a website.

Software that can help you to create graphics is a must to research before you purchase it. You can find free options as well that are well reviewed, but it’s a good idea to pay for the best software possible if you can because you can get a lot more out of it usually. You may want to select what you want to buy based on what you’re able to learn. Try checking out tutorials for the software to see if you can follow along.

Graphics have to be saved in the right format to be usable in a website’s coding. Some formats look better than others, and so you need to learn what you can about the different types of files and what their compression rates are like. Higher quality images may look better, but keep in mind they take up more space. Compressed images will not look as good, but if you have them as thumbnails or images that people aren’t expecting to be the best it can help you save bandwidth.



Being able to offer your services to others can help you to make an income off of what you learn and can do. To make sure that people actually are going to hire you, it’s a good idea to put together a nice portfolio. Even if you don’t have any past work, you can create nice images that show off what you’re capable of. Everyone has a different way of looking at the world, and so you’re going to want to develop a good style. When you can provide people with a service that gets them great graphics they can’t get anywhere else, you will be able to get clients more easily.

There are tools that you can use to make you a much better graphic designer. One of these tools is a drawing tablet. You can hook this up with your graphics programs and use it to help you draw out ideas with a stylus that works like a pencil. This is a great way to draw images out that look realistic. Plus, if you’re good at drawing then this could be a way for you to be a good graphic designer.

When you learn all you can about graphic design for web-based content, it becomes easy for you to make whatever you need. Not only can this save you money on having to pay others to create graphics for you, your services can be paid for by others if you want to make a living off of this.

Do You Want To Do Creative Web Design For A Living?


Creative web design is a great idea to look further into. The reason is that you can actually turn this into a way to make money. You can either use your skills to make your own websites that you make money through, or you can sell people your services.

You have to learn about web design by getting great examples of it. You may be able to find a community college class, or tutorials online that teach you every aspect of designing websites. However, you can’t just expect one tutorial set to teach you everything because everyone is different when it comes to how they create websites. This is an artform basically, and so you should learn from various people that know what they are talking about and then develop your own style.

One thing that you have to avoid doing is trying to put too much art into a website. For instance, if you make a complicated Flash menu that looks great but takes a long time to get through because it’s abstract, people are not going to like working with your website when they visit. The goal should be for it to look nice and to only take a few seconds to get from one page to another. Understand people want to be able to get the information they came for quickly. If you are building a shopping website, then making it easy to quickly make a purchase is a good idea too so that they don’t have second thoughts.

If you’re trying to make money by building websites for others, then know that you have to be firm about what you can and cannot do. There are going to be people that want you to make a website for them and they will ask you to do extra work every time if you don’t have some kind of price attached to extras. Some clients will also insist that you make changes to the work you’ve done that look terrible, but if you tell them that and they say to do it anyways then it’s really not your fault if their site does poorly.

Your reputation as a web designer can be kept good if you work on projects that you know you can do well. Don’t take jobs just because you’re desperate, because you may end up not knowing what to do which could end in a site under your name that is not any good. You’re going to want to build a portfolio to show off all of your good skills, so know when to say no to work that you know you’re not capable of doing well.

Once you’re familiar with what it takes to do creative web design, you can use it to your advantage. Even if you don’t turn this into an income source, it can help you to spread the word about whatever your websites are about. Web design can be seen as an art, and the more you practice it the better you become.


Take It To The Next Level

Web Design has been around for years. There are many new applications and templates available these days. Some are cutting edge, while others fail to evolve. We take web design seriously and can only hope you do as well. We do not solicit products but promise to educate you on the most reliable and reputable resources available. We are the wave of the future and look forward to the many great tides to come.